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How WorkWell Health Solutions Got Started

WorkWell Health Solutions was created by people just like you and for you. We know what it’s like to handle the stresses of work, life, and everything in between. We’ve sat in offices, on conference calls, on planes, and in meetings.

We’ve worked jobs with repetitive movements that have impacted our bodies in unhealthy ways. We’ve designed our programs and technology to help you thrive and change your lifestyle.

Our CEO Al Wilson began his wellness journey while working in the corporate arena. After years of unhealthy habits, he found himself overweight and mentally stressed. Al began to research new lifestyle habits, including healthier food and exercise. After 90 days, he lost 38 pounds and experienced a shift in his thinking.

He began to help others, becoming a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional. His passion to provide resources, education and guidance to the employee population lead to the creation of WorkWell Health Solutions.

Our team members have worked to transform their bodies and minds to become more productive and healthy. We are here to help you do the same.

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What is WorkWell Health Solutions?

WorkWell Health Solutions is a holistic wellness company that goes beyond the emphasis on physical health. We are a team of Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Registered Dietitians, and Therapists ready to help you and your employees become the best version of yourselves.

The WorkWell Mobile App

The WorkWell Health Solutions mobile app and online platform make staying healthy easier. We also offer on-site and online services for your company, such as online group fitness classes, personal training, and much more.

Custom Solutions that Fit Your Company

We customize wellness solutions that best fit your company and create healthy outcomes. We develop and manage your Corporate Wellness Program for you. We’ll focus on your most valuable asset, your people!

Your company will be provided with its own white-labeled mobile app and portal. This is a great opportunity to provide your employees with a customized experience and to begin associating wellness with your brand.

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Provide your employees with a Corporate Wellness Program that will provide long term benefits on every level. Take the next step for your company and get started with WorkWell Health Solutions today.

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