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Creating a Culture of Wellness

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What is a Culture of Wellness?

We believe that creating a “culture of wellness” means creating an environment that promotes holistic physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. Being healthy is much more than just your physical appearance.

Our goal is to help you and your company discover overall wellness solutions in all areas.  That’s why our team of Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Registered Dietitians, and Therapists are here to help you and your employees become the best version of yourselves. Learn more about our Corporate Wellness Programs below.

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We Believe in the Health of Your Company

WorkWell Health Solutions will work with your company to develop and manage your complete Corporate Wellness Program. We provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to drive positive outcomes.

Corporate Culture Consultations

Our process begins with a Corporate Culture Consultation, so our team can get to know yours. During this initial consultation, we set out to discover your company’s current wellness plan and/or the ways you are focusing on your employee’s health. If you don’t have an official wellness program, it’s perfectly okay! You’ll have us as your partner.

We want to know what’s working, what your challenges are, and what you wish could be done to better help your employees. We work with you to develop your new wellness program and strategies.

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The WorkWell Health Solutions Corporate Wellness App

WorkWell Health Solutions mobile app and online portal gives your employees access to thousands of exercises, food diary, nutrition tracking, social engagement, and rewards for staying active. We also provide you with quick access to schedule and complete appointments with your Coach or Therapist in the app.

Employee engagement is the key to improved health outcomes, so we provide your company with employee contests, challenges, and recognition. We help you keep things social regardless of the distance.

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In the app, you and your employees will have access to:

  • Employee customized fitness profiles
  • Your company’s private, customized community portal
  • Daily fitness activity tracking
  • Over 2,000 exercises
  • Club workouts with 3D exercise demonstrations
  • Community challenges
  • Meal and nutrition tracking
  • Schedule and complete appointments virtually
  • Connect your favorite fitness devices
  • Customize your app and portal with your company brand

On-Site and Online Services with WorkWell Health Solutions

Along with the app, the professional team at WorkWell Health Solutions offers on-site and online services for your company.

With on-site and online group fitness classes, personal training, and more, our Health Coaches are here to help your employees become the healthiest versions of themselves.

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Benefits to Your Company

A healthier lifestyle will lead to healthier, happier, more productive employees. Something as simple as a sore back could decrease productivity tremendously. There are major residual benefits that dramatically boost your ROI.


A workforce that feels better and is healthier will perform better.

 Less Time
Off Work:

Decreased call-offs for illness and chronic diseases increases profit and reduces stress on more reliable employees.

Increased Bottomline Profit:

Let’s track our progress on all levels with data while maintaining a focus on your greatest asset, your employees.

More Motivated

Employees who feel the company cares about them perform at higher levels and have less workplace stress.

WorkWell Health Solutions will work to create a healthy environment for your employees, resulting in increased productivity and increased ROI for your company.

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